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Saturday 6th July at 7.45 in St Peter’s Church, Yateley

Madrigals and Folk

Join Yateley Choral Society on a lazy summer evening as we take you on a journey around the British Isles with a series folk songs and madrigals. On our rambles, we will visit every corner of these islands with a variety of classic folksongs from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England. Could it be Loch Lomond that makes your heart wrench for home? Or perhaps What shall we do with the drunken sailor? that inspires you to grab another a drink in the interval! Simultaneously racy, melancholic, humorous and meditative, it is safe to say this catalogue of music has something for everyone.

Traditional part-songs and madrigals will also be a highlight of our tour. These chatty and informal works conjure vivid historical soundscapes taking you back to a time of medieval taverns and smelly streets. We’ll encounter idyllic scenes of the maypole (Morley’s Now is the month of maying), nymphs playing (Bennett’s All creatures now) and cosy fires burning down slowly (Sullivan’s The long day closes). But all is not what it seems when it comes to these innocent songs; more often than not, these idylls mask something much more bawdy and fun.

Such antique classics take pride of place next to the more modern wonders on our island tour. Cecilia McDowall’s A Fancy of Folksongs re-interprets well-known rhythms and sounds for a popular modern-day vernacular. John Rutter’s entertaining Birthday Madrigals take raunchy classic texts and set them to breezy melodies with jazzy accompaniments.

We are joined on our wanderings by a superb travelling troupe of musicians: Stuart McSweeney on the keys, David Barnes on the Double Bass and Cecily Beer on the harp. So amble along and let our cheery voices escort you on this island journey.

John Rutter: Birthday Madrigals

Cecilia McDowall: A Fancy of Folksongs

Traditional Scottish folk song: Loch Lomond

Traditional Cornish folk song: Lamorna

Traditional Welsh folk song: The ash grove

Traditional Irish folk song: Star of the County Down

Traditional English folk song: What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

Traditional Irish folk song: Danny boy

Thomas Morley: My bonny lass she smileth

Thomas Morley: Now is the month of maying

Arthur Sullivan: The long day closes